Thank you for visiting my blog! If you want to know a bit more about me, I’m an expat from the UK, on a two-year adventure in Dubai with my partner. I work in marketing and he’s working as a teacher in a government school here.

Why the move? Well, I love to travel! Ever since working at Universal Studios Orlando straight after graduating in Business, I have been on some epic trips that usually include one big one per year. Some of the biggies have been volunteering with lions in South Africa, working in an orphanage and paragliding in Nepal, shark diving in Australia, and seeking out the Borneo orang-utans.

With that in mind, I suggested to my partner that we head off on an adventure abroad together. There’s no denying the tax-free lifestyle of Dubai played a big role in our choice of destination. It means we can enjoy our time here whilst saving for other trips, as well as adult things like a mortgage…

Oh and the UAE loves UK teachers, so it was pretty straightforward for him to secure a role.

And why a blog? It all started with my first London housemate pushing me to get Instagram which I immediately fell in love with. It is such a fantastic way to log your experiences and also to discover new things to go eat or do!

Two years later I started a role in social media marketing for a large UK company. I was then approached by Hype App to create content for them after they saw my Instagram was full of my top things to do in London. Hype is designed to guide you in how you should be spending your precious free time in your city. They basically get me to write about all the things I love doing outside of work; pop-ups, pretty cafes, cocktails, quirky eateries, immersive events and so on. So I have decided to carry that on in blog format too whilst on my expat adventure.

Discovering and sharing the most amazing things to do in Dubai will be the main focus of the blog. There’s also the added element of our relocation and adapting to the middle eastern culture which will get some mentions too.   

Jem x