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Get Exploring This Weekend: The d3 Design District

Whilst it is still under construction, there is plenty to be seen in the quirky Design District – also known as d3. I spent a glorious few hours taking a stroll around the area to see what’s about. d3 is a purpose-built district that is set to nurture emerging local talent and provide a home for the region’s creative thinkers.

There are several galleries open already including Gallery Ward, Sconci Art Gallery and Citizen E Gallery, as well as multiple food hangouts including Ginza Lounge, a contemporary café, health-conscious Tossed and the organic 1Life Kitchen. Not to mention the imaginative street art to be discovered scattered around, which you can navigate easily with the floor maps.

Dubai d3 Design District
Dubai d3 Design District
Dubai d3 Design District
Some VERY tall chairs
Dubai d3 Design District Maps
Floor maps

Some of the street art such as the sheep and the pins, move so you can make the art somewhat your own.

Dubai d3 Design District
d3 Snake
Dubai d3 Design District
Enjoying the moving pins
Dubai d3 Design District Sheep
Party time with my sheep pals
Dubai d3 Design District Sheep
Before the party

We took a pitstop to refuel ourselves at 1Life Kitchen. Giant meatballs drizzled in a sweet tomato reduction & served smashed new potatoes was 49AED, whilst the grilled chicken sandwich, served on a bed of romaine lettuce with sliced tomatoes, sliced avocado & mayo dressing was 36AED. Ginger ale was 8AED and coconut water out of the coconut was 18AED. Honestly, the smashed new potatoes were the dream.

Dubai d3 Design District One Life
Giant Meatballs at 1Life
Dubai d3 Design District
1Life Cafe

Eating for me wouldn’t be complete without a sweet finish, so we swung by one of my favourite international chains, Amorino. Famous for their rose sculpted gelato, they as always didn’t let me down.

Dubai d3 Design District Amorino
Amorino’s famous rose gelato cone
Dubai d3 Design District
Lots of flavours in Amorino

d3 promise to make ‘work, life and play super smart, super connected and sustainable in a low environmental impact area, with high-quality living’. It basically looks and sounds like it will be an amazing place to live and work in!

By 2018, it should be a 1 million sqft creative community, attracting emerging designers, artists and tourists to the area. By 2021, it will have a 1.8k promenade running alongside the Creek, which is where international and design-led hotels, boutique retail areas and an outdoor events space will all be located. You can find out more on d3’s website here.

I personally will be coming back to watch d3 expand and grow into what promises to be one very cool district.

You can always check out more of what I have been up to on my IG: @LondonJem


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