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Old Dubai’s Stunning Street Art: Al Karama

Al Karama is a residential district close to Dubai Creek in the older part of Dubai. A world away from the shiny sky scrapers, this area is a great place to experience a completely different side to Dubai.

We were drawn to this part of town to check out the stunning street art that has been done by both local and international artists, gloriously decorating what was previously a set of bland walls above some shops.

The 24 murals which have transformed the street, each have a different subject matter and style. From animals to abstract, to freestyle graffiti; the parrots are definitely my favourite, followed by the Jeep on balloons.

Wandering the street, you are likely to be approached by a number of shop keepers trying to sell their wares, typically bags and watches. It may be because tourist season hasn’t kicked off yet or the fact that we were melting in the 40 degree heat, but they seemed surprised we had just come to look at the art. Whilst some may find being approached daunting, a simple ‘no thank you’ or ‘I’m just looking at the art today’ is fine and will allow you to wander in peace.
Whilst your in the area you should head to the local souks too. The Spice Souk, Dubai Gold Souk and Naif Souk are all not too far – about a 15 minute drive. They sit right next to Dubai Creek which was originally a sleepy fishing town. For just 1AED you can travel across the busy waterway on a traditional wooden abra. It’s on my list to check out so I will be sure to share it on here when I do!

You can always check out more of what I have been up to on my IG: @LondonJem

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