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Dubai’s Ice Cream Pastel Paradise: Unicorn Vibes Sweets

This spot is a combination of three of my favourite things which is why I was so happy to find it. Unicorns,  ice cream and pastel decor. It’s outlets like this that are truly dreamt up from Instagram 101 of what you should have to make your place Instaworthy.

This ice cream parlour, which is just a 10 min drive from Dubai Mall, offers up to 5 different flavours at a time. When I went along there was a choice of Ube, He Is Not Worth It (Nutella & Kinder), Unicorn (cotton candy and bubble gum), PB&J (peanut butter and jelly), and Can You Handle This (sour candy pop).

Unicorn ice cream
Look at all those toppings lined up! And that ceiling…

I went for Can You Handle This which is a bright orange sour ice cream that I had squished into a sea salt cookie, then decorated with fruit loops and a marshmallow (35AED – unlimited toppings if desired). The sweet and salty was a complete winning combo, especially when you got a slightly saltier bit; maybe that’s just my taste.. but if it’s yours too, you should absolutely dip your McDonalds fries into a McDonalds ice cream…

Sea salt and sour orange ice cream sandwich

Anyway, the decor is pastel everything; from the ceiling, the walls, to the chairs and tables. There’s a glitter wall, a unicorn wing posing wall, two swings with a poster behind saying ‘if I licked it, it’s mine’, and some cheeky slogans on the floor.

So if you have a sweet tooth like moi, or you just want somewhere aesthetically pleasing to head, then check it out. And if ice cream isn’t for you, then you can still pick up some Unicorn Tears or Unicorn Water.

You can always check out more of what I have been up to on my IG: @LondonJem

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